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Fashion Designing - NIDRT Institute Of Design Research & Technology

Importance of General Precaution

Subject introduce evolution of garment, principles of fashion ,identification of fibers ,waving and knitting.

Introduction to machine

Explaining students about machine, machine parts, making samples of stitching in 4’’*4’; fabric piece.

Fashion art/ pattern making

Explaining terminologies of pattern making.

    • Basic seams
    • tucks
    • pleats
    • trims
    • necklines
    • collars
    • pockets

Fashion illustration

This subject introduce to basic kids and female illustration. We also introduce madhubani and kalamkari to the students .Block figure ,8 head croquis ,10 head croquis,12 head croquis,hairstyles,Introuction to paper pattern, evening gown and styling.

Drafting and stitching

Introduction to drafting ,drafting tools and their uses. How to take measurement ,how to draft using particular measurement. Drafting basic body block.

Dyeing and printing

    • Batik
    • sencil printing
    • block printing
    • Gujarati bhadani
    • brush painting
  • Surface ornamentation

    Types of garment decoration, appliqué, embellishment, quilting( practical). Indian embroidery, Fulkari of Punjab, kantha of west Bengal, kasuti of Karnataka, chikankari of lucknow, aari and zardosi.

    Textile study

    Introduction to fibers and yarns, understanding fabric weaving ,history of cotton silk.

    Fashion art /Pattern making - Draping

    Give some knowledge about draping ,make a garment using draping method. DART manipulation is the technique were we teach student how to drat shifting on brown paper, making dart through pivotal method. Dart manipulation shows different dart placements on a basic bodice block.

    Fashion illustration and design

    Garment design and pattern making ,jackets ,coats dresses blouses ,street style casual wear, winter fashion, trendy wear.
    Term garment (theme garment)

    Garment construction

    Making/copying a dress (making replica) to give knowledge about how to keep and organize a ready dress on fabric to cut it accordingly (practical showing)

    Surface ornamentation

    Fabric painting with fabric colour, single colours, shading mearging, knitting, embellishment pattern(tassel making ) decorative lace making, embroidery, ribbon work, patch work.

    Textile study

    Fabric study, industrial visit, fabric terminology with sample (swatches). roller printing (practical) batik printing, transfer printing (practical)

    Cultural fashion history

    To give knowledge of different culture’s fashion history, collect some cultural designs illustration or pictures form magazines or net.

    Fashion illustration

    Male basic body block, male body illustration, promarker painting and sketching, and designing with concepts and dress patterns.

    Design ideas

    Pockets, collar, fasterners, and cufflinks

    Garment construction

    Formal wear (pants and blazers) different style pants, shirts traditional wear,(kurta, salwar, pathani, suit).

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