Jewellery designing courses in surat:Jewellery Design Diploma Course brings out each individual's innate creativity, helping enthusiasts to design with ability and confidence.

Jewellery designing courses in surat It makes an apprentice designer learn the basics and complexities of designing any type of JEWELLERY, along with estimating its cost. Through practical work, designers are assisted to express their creativity by designing a portfolio of their own styles.


  • Jewellery designing courses in surat Introduction to JEWELLERY and its components
  • Drawing and illustration of faceted and non-faceted gemstones
  • Settings in JEWELLERY
  • Textures on metal
  • Designing various forms of JEWELLERY
  • Gold calculation
  • Budgeting of the JEWELLERY design
  • Pricing of diamonds and colored stones


  • Jewellery designing courses in surat
  • Use of simple tools for effective design
  • Two day workshop on handcrafted JEWELLERY
  • Designing a portfolio
  • Gold, diamond and craftsmanship calculations
  • Available in India and U.A.E.
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