The course covers technical aspects of garment design and offers link with the surrounding fashion industry.

fashion designing college in surat nidrt Do you want to learn the finer details of the design process? Do you want your designs to be worn by others and be appreciated? If you have an eye for fashion and want to learn the intricate and detailed art and science of fashion designing, then this is the course designed exclusively for you to bring you closer to the designing course in surat If you also wish to learn the business of fashion, from designing to marketing and selling, the program will equip with all the tools to be successful in the industry.Fashion designing institute in surat

The course is apt for the students who are professionally aware, strongly creative and possess an ability to undertake managerial responsibilities in Design, Production and Selection.

The course emphasises on Production, Costing, Marketing and Presentation of Garments besides Fashion Designing. The student specializes in the study of various international garment markets (Design Wise) viz. UK, France, USA etc., and also domestic market i.e., India besides given training in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and learning of one additional foreign language.

Fashion Designing Three Year Degree Course
The outline of the Course :-

First Semester
  • Fundamentals of Fashion Design.
  • History of Costumes
  • Principles & Elements of Design-Theory
  • Principles & Elements of Design-Practical
  • Fundamentals of Computers. Fashion Communication

Second Semester
  • Fundamentals of Textile Fibers & Yarns
  • Introduction to Pattern Making & Stitching- Theory
  • Introduction to Pattern Making & Stitching- Practical 1
  • Introduction to Pattern Making & Stitching- Practical 2
  • Introduction to Pattern Making & Stitching- Practical 3
  • Fashion Illustration-Theory
  • Fashion Illustration-Practical

Third Semester
  • Pattern Making Through Drafting & Flat
  • Pattern Technique-Theory
  • Pattern Making Through Drafting & Flat
  • Pattern Technique-Practical
  • Garment Construction-Practical
  • Pattern Making Through Draping-Practical
  • Fabric Formation & Processing
  • Indian Constitution
  • Customer Relationship Management

Forth Semester
  • Surface Ornamentation-Theory
  • Surface Ornamentation-Practical
  • Import & Export
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Concept of e-commerce

Fifth Semester
  • Quality Control
  • Pattern Making/Cutting
  • Fashion Design & Illustration
  • Apparel & Fashion Merchandising

Sixth Semester
  • Total Quality Control
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Computer Aided Designing Apparel Industry-Theory
  • Computer Aided Designing Apparel Industry-Practical
  • Fashion Marketing & Advertising
  • Environmental Studies
  • Enterpreneurship Development


Quality Control
  • Total Quality Control
  • Apparel Production Process
  • Production Management
  • Internship

Pattern Making/Cutting
  • Apparel Production Process
  • Industrial Pattern Making & Sewing
  • Pattern Grading
  • Quality Control-Pattern Making/Cutting
  • Internshaip

Fashion Design & Illustration
  • Advance Fashion Illustration-Practical
  • Fashion Presentation
  • Graphic Design-Theory
  • Graphic Design-Practical
  • Accessory Design
  • Fashion Merchandising

Apparel & Fashion Merchandising
  • Apparel Production Process
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Retail Merchandising & Management
  • Internship
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